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An injury can happen in the blink of an eye. From bicycle accidents to dog bites to work-related accidents, you may have been injured through no fault of your own. Because of the actions (or inactions) of someone else, you are now paying a physical and emotional toll. You've reached the point where you'd like to receive fair and just compensation. That's where we come in.

At Murphy & Dengler, we fight for individuals like you who have been hurt. We provide clients with more than four decades of experience, with the honesty and common sense to back it up. Whether you are in Blue Bell, North Wales, or anywhere in the greater Norristown, Pennsylvania area, we’re available to work with you to champion your rights and seek a favorable outcome. Don’t wait to pursue the fair financial compensation you deserve by contacting us and scheduling a free consultation.

Determining Who Is At Fault in Pennsylvania

Personal injury claims in Pennsylvania cover a wide variety of scenarios. In most situations, if there’s been a failure to act as a reasonable person should in order to ensure an expected degree of safety, there are grounds for a case for negligence (also known as ‘fault’). You may be eligible to recover damages. However, your own degree of fault must not exceed 50% of the total fault in order to claim compensation, according to Pennsylvania liability law. You will be ineligible to seek damages if you are found to carry more than 50% of the fault. At Murphy & Dengler, we will walk you through these issues in order to help restore a sense of justice and balance to your life during this emotional time.



Why Hiring An Attorney is Your Best Option

When you believe your injury is the fault of someone else — a property owner, motorcyclist, a defective product — it is common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain of your next step. If you choose to work with a compassionate team of personal injury attorneys, you’ll have made a choice that’s in your very best interest. A knowledgeable attorney will take action to pursue a just outcome that’s favorable to you. When you have decades of experience on your side, you’ll feel the confidence that comes with taking steps to remedy your injury.

Get The Justice You Deserve in Norristown, PA

According to Pennsylvania’s statutes of limitations (or, deadlines), you have two years since the injury occurred to file a personal injury claim. It is crucial that you immediately contact an attorney so that a quick investigation can begin. The responsible party’s insurance company is conducting their investigation with the intent of defeating your claim and erasing your story. Furthermore, an insurance company may act quickly to settle your claim without legal representation in hopes of saving money. Remember, no matter how friendly insurance adjusters may sound on the phone, they represent their own interests. Our firm, Murphy & Dengler, is interested in securing a favorable settlement not for the insurance companies, but for you.


Here at Murphy & Dengler, we dedicate our practice to personal injury cases because we understand the devastating toll that a serious personal injury can have on a person's life. For more than four decades, we've helped a number of individuals and families pursue compensation for injuries they've suffered. We are passionate advocates for injured victims because we've seen just how many individuals are left hurting and hopeless after an accident. Schedule a free consultation today with our firm, serving clients in Norristown, Blue Bell, Ambler, North Wales, and King of Prussia, PA.